Enjoy Cuban vibes at Floridita

  • Category: Wine & Dining
  • Date: Wednesday, 21 August 2013

The Latin American restaurant Floridita, located in Wardour Street, will serve up great Mediterranean food and sizzling live entertainment this summer, with acclaimed Cuban band Son Yambu due to perform on August 21st.

A rare chance to experience a unique blend of Cuban son - which is the Afro-Cuban sound originating from the streets of eastern Cuba and gave rise to the modern salsa as performed on Strictly Come Dancing - this event is not to be missed.

Son Yambu's band members all have a lifetime of experience in creating excellent music, having recorded and performed for audiences across the world. Their love of song is matched only by their passion in preserving Cuban son.

Those wanting to take advantage of this opportunity are cordially invited to check into the nearby Chesterfield Mayfair Hotel and enjoy a special cream tea before heading to the restaurant as part of the Mayfair Summer package.