Sherlock Holmes Under the Microscope

  • Category: Art & Culture
  • Dates: Wednesday, 01 October 2014 to Sunday, 08 March 2015

Get to know the man underneath the deerstalker hat!

When the Museum of London announced that it was planning to hold an exhibition based around a fictional character, a few eyebrows were raised. This is, after all, a museum that specialises in real people who have called London their home, such as Samuel Pepys, Queen Victoria and countless others.

However, now that a number of details have been announced, we have to say that we're convinced. Taking a look at what makes Sherlock Holmes tick is a great idea, particularly considering how he has been brought to a new generation through the BBC adaptation starring Benedict Cumberbatch. It's just a shame about the title of the exhibition itself. Sherlock Holmes Under the Magnifying Glass would have been more appropriate, no?

A deerstalker hat, a service revolver, a pipe, a handsome glass and brass syringe in a silk-lined box, and a false nose - these items are among the exhibits that the Museum of London has found in its vast collections suitable for display. From the vaults dedicated to social history, the prestigious institute has tried to give visitors an accurate portrayal of the London that Holmes and Watson would have been running around in, through paintings and early photographs of the time. Wreathed in smog, the skyline is very different to the one we see today.

Other items have been loaned to the museum, including the 1841 manuscript of the short story credited as the first ever detective story, Edgar Allan Poe's The Murders in the Rue Morgue. Also present is the 1903 manuscript, The Adventure of the Empty House, which saw the great detective rise from the dead following his death at the Reichenbach Falls.

Curator Alex Werner told The Guardian that the exhibition hopes to reveal a little bit more about this fantastic character and his relationship with Britain's great capital.

"Holmes is an icon of London. He is the most famous Londoner who has never lived and will never die. We want to get under the skin of Sherlock. The time is right; his profile has never been higher."

Mr Werner also promised visitors that Benedict Cumberbatch's acclaimed portrayal in the BBC's updated version will be present somehow. In fact, the museum is borrowing his swirling Belstaff greatcoat, as well as the camel dressing gown which he paces dramatically in around the mess and mayhem at 221b Baker Street.

If you're interested in seeing this fascinating and fabulous exhibition dedicated to the greatest sleuth of all time, you'll need to visit the Museum of London between October 17th 2014 and April 12th 2015. Adult tickets are priced at £12. For an accommodation experience that Holmes himself would have been pleased with, why not check into The Chesterfield Mayfair? Centrally situated in the heart of one of London's most stylish neighbourhoods, it's a great place to sit and foil a crime or two. Get to know the district with our Mayfair Weekends package, which includes complimentary Champagne and afternoon tea.