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The Chesterfield Bees

A true taste of Mayfair – honey from our own hives

There are no worries about food miles when you spread honey on your toast at The Chesterfield Mayfair – it will have come all the way from our very own roof!   

We've recently installed four hives, each housing about 200,000 bees during high summer, with eggs, larva and honey. The bees will fly within a radius of around three miles, which encompasses Buckingham Palace, Clarence House, St James’s Palace, St James’s Park, the Green Park and Hyde Park, as well as any number of private gardens. London gardens are often planted with a dazzling array of exotic flowers and this will add further depth to the honey’s flavour.

The bees produce one crop a year which we’ll harvest during the Summer. The amount of honey we get will depend upon the weather but we hope it will be about 160lbs, enough to spread on mountains of hot toast every morning!

At Red Carnation Hotels we go to great lengths to minimise our impact on the environment, and keeping bees is a great example of how we put our principles into practice. Making our own honey not only reduces our food miles but helps sustain the natural environment in London – our bees will do the vital work of pollinating the flowers and plants in the gardens and parks across the centre of the city. We also feel it is important to support bees at a time when their numbers are falling rapidly – research indicates that the population has halved since 1985. 

So, next time you enjoy breakfast with us, make sure you try some real Mayfair honey!

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