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The threat posed by climate change and the need to preserve natural resources are some of the most important issues facing us today. At Red Carnation, we are keenly aware of our responsibility to confront these problems head-on.

We are committed to our community and dedicated to social responsibility. Supporting local charities, conservation, preservation, nature, heritage and green initiatives including the personal development of each member of the Red Carnation team, is at the heart of everything we do.

The Chesterfield Bees

At the Chesterfield we are always looking for sustainable projects. We have a dedicated green team to think of new, innovative ways to be green, one of those ways is our bee hives.

Our bee hives are on top of our roof and accommodate up to 120,000 bees during the peak summer season. In order to keep our bees healthy, we ensure that no harmful pesticides are being used. Our bees produce large amounts of honey, which is available for the guests to enjoy at breakfast and which is available for the chefs to use as a fresh ingredient.

Our Initiatives

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The Chesterfield Bees

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The Springboard Charity

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Sustainable Partnerships

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Sustainability Committee

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