Cooking with Honey: Five Recipes to try at Home


Here, we've selected five of the best honey recipes try at home.


29th August 2017

The Chesterfield Mayfair

Cooking with honey dates back to the kitchens of Ancient Greece and Rome, where it was often used in baking and to sweeten wine. Today, honey is readily accessible and the variety of different flavours on offer is enormous. The honey served at The Chesterfield Mayfair comes from the hotel’s very own rooftop beehives, which not only provides guests with delicious home grown honey but also furthers Red Carnation Hotels’ commitment to protecting the environment.  From buckwheat to raw wildflower, cooking with honey has never been so rewarding. Here, we’ve selected five of the best honey recipes try at home.

 Goat Cheese Toasts with Walnuts, Honey and Thyme

Goat cheese and honey is a classic combination for good reason. These Goat Cheese Toasts are a cinch to prepare and a real crowd pleaser. They also have the added benefit of being wonderfully versatile as this Epicurious recipe works equally well as a canape, starter, light lunch or snack. Feel free to experiment with different nuts or top with some fruit such as grilled figs or blackberries.

Russian Honey Cake

Known as Medovik, Russian Honey Cake does require a certain level of skill and patience, but it is well worth the effort. Legend has it that this sweet treat was first made for Empress Elizabeth in the 18th century, but it wasn’t until the Soviet period of the 20th century that it become widely popular. This decadent cake is traditionally made with honey and condensed milk and has a delicious caramelized sugar flavour. Today, it makes a show-stopping centrepiece for a special occasion or party. Allow plenty of time and try Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for yourself.

russian honey cake

Rack of Lamb with Lavender and Honey

 Experts will tell you that English honey is a fantastic ingredient in a whole range of dishes, and Helen Graves’s unusual savoury recipe, which combines honey with lavender and orange zest to flavour lamb, makes an inventive and tasty main course. Be sure to remember that less is more with the dried lavender, due to its powerful aroma.

honey roast lamb

Korean Rice Cakes with Honey (Songpyeon)

 A popular treat in Korea that mixes sweet and savoury, these bitesize half-moon shaped dumplings are typically eaten during Chuseok, Korea’s autumn harvest festival. Whatever time of the year you choose to make them, this Saveur recipe is a great choice for a party or gathering and will certainly get your guests talking.

korean honey rice cakes

Gruyere, Rosemary and Honey Monkey Bread

A comforting family favourite, classic monkey bread is given a grown-up twist with the inclusion of a few gourmet ingredients. Originally an American breakfast creation, Monkey bread is also known by several other names, including sticky bread, African coffee cake and pinch-me cake. This savoury version from Saveur is great as a side dish for any meal, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner…although we’d be surprised if it lasts that long!

honey on a wooden spoon

Taste The Chesterfield Mayfair’s homemade honey when you visit the hotel, and be inspired to come up with your own honey-based creations.

Image Credits: Lead image iStock/Metkalova. Goats cheese toasts iStock/Tanya_F. Russian Honey Cake iStock/elena_hramova. Rack of lamb iStock/NicoleS.Young. Songpyeon iStock/ImYeongsik. Honey with rosemary iStock/Creativeye99.


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