Flight of Wines

Compare and contrast at The Chesterfield

A flight of wine is the perfect opportunity to compare, contrast and discover new favourites! Explore the world of wine from your table with three 50ml similar styles of wine side by side. Enjoy a flight as an aperitif or discover how each wine pairs with your meal.

You can either select three wines from our wines by the glass selection or ask the Sommelier to match them with each dishes of your meal and organise your own private wine tasting!

The wine list is organised by style as shown below, helping you find what you like;

- Bodacious & Bubbly:
Exuberant, refreshing and refined champagnes and prosecco

- Fresh & Lively:
zesty, thirst-quenching whites cramned with tropical and citrus fruit Sauvignon blanc, Pinot blanc and Pinot grigio

- Round and mellow:
Medium-full bodied Chardonnays

- Bright and beguiling:
exotic and alluring whites from classic viognier to local, less renown grape varieties such as Picpoul and Merwah

- Soft and elegant:
light easy drinking Pinot Noir and Gamay

- Sophisticated and spicy:
medium bodied jammy Shiraz

- Big and bold:
opulent full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec

- Naughty and nice:
sweet and decadent dessert wines


"Our aim is to showcase British cuisine at its finest, tempered with international touches, using only the freshest ingredients of the highest quality"

Executive Chef, Nathan Hindmarsh


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